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another public entry

be warned..

if your the kinda person who's an ass and uses people DONT bother friending me.
im tired of fake people to the point where im about to blow up on anyone regardless of how long i've known them.

im gonna tell you EXACTLY what i think and i know a lot of people aren't gonna like it. well thats just too-fuckin-bad.

--'ta'ta. just had to get that out in the open ;D
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i am SO sick and TIRED of people fuckin' playing games. yeah when i wanna go out someplace 'cool' you want tohangout. otherwise, i am a piece of S-H-I-T.
when you got syphilis from fuckin random guys ill laugh. when your boyfriend mentally abuses you, i'll point & laugh. when you have no real friends because you ditch 'em all the time, i won't be there to laugh because ill be LONG GONE

yes i had to vent. all i wnated to do was go to a club with 1 person and have fun. of course, she decides to ditch me. then, someone else has the nerve to ditch me after they realize they cant go 'cuz they're 17. yeah im good enough when you need a ride out for lunch. i'm cool enough when you wanna go to a club. but, im not cool enough when you cant go to a club and you wanna go out.

yeah screw you.
too bad the real friends i got wont go out.
..i need new friends a.s.a.p
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new journal ---

whoa, sorry..

this journal is
•.... Friends 0nly •

=> wanna be my friend?
¤ add me
¤ comment
¤ be a decent person
¤ do NOT start any drama

^%!@# if i don't add you , take me off your list #@!%^
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